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If you want to integrate a Home Cinema in your living space, a Retractable motorized Acoustically Transparent screen will provide an elegant solution.

From its discreet housing the screen glides into position for deploying its projection surface. This can be activated by a switch, a remote control or from the projector itself. The screen can be mounted directly in front of one (centre) or all main front speakers.

– No Moiré effect in any situation- Full compatibility with all existing projectors
– Ultra HD 4K resolution and beyond
– 3D compatible with active glasses technologies
– AT Woven Black Backing fabric eliminates rear wall light reflection
– Absolutely flat tensioned projection surface
– Infinite Black velvet borders – Accurate image framing and enhanced contrast perception
– Case finish options : Black Velvet coating ; Glossy colour coating
– Hand crafted with care in USA

Lateral dual tensioning of projection surface
Projection surface :  Enlightor 4K, Enlightor Neo-S, Enlightor Neo-W
Black backing provided as standard
Sizes :
from 80 ’’ to 140’’ base width
Standard black drop : 20 cm

Screen Excellence Retractable Motorized AT 4K motoros vetítővászon





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